T I A S – Tenant Information & Advisory Service.
T I A S is a state-wide service which provides free and independent information, advice and advocacy to help people on low incomes to sustain their tenancies in private rental, community housing or public housing.

TIAS can provide:

  • Education, information and advice on your rights and responsibilities as a tenant.
  • Advocacy and representation in the areas of tenancy and landlord disputes, debt and eviction.
  • Representation at and assistance with South Australian Civil and Administration Tribunal (S, A, C, A, T) hearings.
  • Encouragement and assistance to engage with mediation processes and to advocate directly with relevant housing providers.
  • Assistance to access internal avenues of appeal with relevant housing providers.
  • Referrals to and information on financial counselling and other services relevant to your circumstances.
Are you eligible to receive help from TIAS?
Assistance may be provided to low income households in:

  • Public Housing.
  • Private Rental.
  • Community Housing.
  • Housing Co-operatives.
Priority assistance will be given to households who are paying greater than 30% of their income in rent.

What issues does TIAS help with?
TIAS can offer advice with your tenancy such as:

  • Leases.
  • Bond disputes.
  • Property maintenance.
  • S A C A T processes.
  • Housing S A and Community Housing processes and appeals
T I A S cannot advocate for you, but may still be able to provide you with general advice and  information if you are:

  • A resident of a boarding house or rooming house.
  • Living in a caravan park or residential park.
  • Seeking accommodation or housing.
  • An agency or organisation.
  • Neighbour to neighbour disputes.
How to contact T I A S.
T I A S is available Monday to Friday 9 A M to 5 P M (excluding weekends and public holidays).

T I A S can be contacted through free call number: 1800 060 462.

Tenancy Advisors are also available for face-to-face enquiries at a number of sites  by appointment only.
To book an appointment please call 1800 060 462.

Adelaide: Mondays 9 30 A M to 4 P M.

Christies Beach: Tuesdays 9 30 AM to 4 P M.

Port Adelaide: Wednesdays 9 30 A M to 4 P M.

Elizabeth:  Fridays 9 A M to 3 P M.