Frequently Asked Questions.

How do I contact Access 2 Place Housing?

You can contact Access 2 Place (A2P) Housing Ltd. between 9 A M and 5 P M,
Monday to Friday on the following details: Address: Ground Floor, 20 Greenhill Road, Wayville, South Australia, Post Code 5034.

Phone: 08 8274 6300.

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Web: w w w dot access 2 place dot com dot A U.

What is Community Housing?

A2P is a Community Housing Organisation which provides appropriate and purposefully designed houses for people living with a disability. All Community Housing Organisations are regulated under the National Regulatory System for Community Housing Organisations (N R S C H).

Community Partnerships and Growth (C P G) is the name of the area within the South Australian Government which regulates Community Housing Organisations within South Australia.

A2P must comply with the NRSCH and the policies and by-laws set by C P G. These include, how much rent you pay, what happens if you are unhappy with a service you have received, who can live in A2P properties and what rights and responsibilities you, and A2P have.

Will my details be kept confidential?

A2P will keep your details confidential at all times.

If you have signed an ‘authority to disclose’ form, this gives A2P permission to provide your details to people/agencies which you have chosen. You will also have the option to sign an ‘authority to exchange information’ form which specifies if there is any particular information you do not want A2P to know, or you do not want A2P to disclose to other people/agencies.

What happens when I move in?

You and your Tenancy Officer will each separately complete the Property Inspection Form which has been provided to you.

This form records the condition of the property at the commencement of your lease and will be used to cross-reference at the expiration of your lease. If you are moving to a new area, we recommend you contact your local Council regarding kerb and rubbish collection and activities in your local community.

Bond and Rent in Advance

You will be required to pay a Bond which will be the total of four weeks’ rent.

You can apply for Bond and Rent in Advance assistance through Housing S A.

How much will my rent be?

Your rent is income-based, which means it is charged at 25% of your total income, plus Commonwealth Rent Assistance (see information sheet on how to apply for Commonwealth Rent Assistance).

If there is a change in your household income (e.g. you earn a different amount of money or someone else on an income comes to live with you), you must notify A2P within 14 days.

When do I pay?

You will pay your rent two weeks in advance, commencing from the day you move in.

How to pay your Rent

Centrepay Rent Deduction.

If you are on a Centrelink benefit, your rent can be debited fortnightly from your account straight to Access 2 Place, via the Centrepay Rent Reduction scheme.

Please see the ‘applying for Centrepay’ form for further information, or ask your allocations officer to assist you to apply for the Centrepay Rent Deduction Scheme.

Direct Debit.

You can direct debit your rent into Access 2 Place Ltd.’s account.
Bank: People’s Choice Credit Union.
Account Number: 1 0 0 0 9 7 4 6 3.
BSB: 805-050.
Account Name: Access 2 Place Ltd.
Details: Please include your surname in the description Please check with your bank how much they will charge per transaction.

What if my Rent falls in to arrears?

If you cannot make a payment, please contact A2P immediately or ask a guardian or support provider to contact us to discuss further.

How often is the Rent reviewed?

Rent reviews occur in April and October each year.

For A2P to calculate the amount of rent to be charged, a form will be sent to you asking you to provide evidence of your household income. If you do not reply within the time specified on the request, your rent will be set at the market rent rate. (This is the highest amount of rent that can be charged for your property based on the capital value of the property which is calculated by the Valuer General on a yearly basis).

If you sign the Income Confirmation Service (I C S) consent form provided in your allocations pack, you can give Centrelink permission to provide your income details to A2P therefore you will not need to provide evidence of your income at rent review times.

What happens if I lose my keys?

We suggest you keep a spare key in a safe place or with a family member, friend or trusted neighbour. If you lose your keys, it is your responsibility to replace them.

If you lock your keys inside your house, you must pay the cost of a locksmith to come out (you can find a locksmith of your choice in the Yellow Pages). If within business hours, A2P may be able to come and unlock your house; but you may have to pay a fee.

When will A2P conduct inspections?

Upon the request of A2P, you must provide access for maintenance and inspections of your home. You will receive an inspection notice giving you at least 7 days and not more than 14 days’ notice.

Please ensure you are home for the agreed date and time of your inspection, otherwise your Tenancy Officer will have to reschedule. If you are continually not home for your appointments and your Tenancy Officer is unable to inspect the property, A2P will go to the Residential Tenancies Tribunal (R T T).

Emergency Situations

In the case of an emergency, call 0 0 0.

In the case of an Electricity / Gas emergency, call your service provider’s emergency services number. Once the danger has passed, please notify A2P of the emergency.

Please call A2P if the emergency happens during business hours. A2P will manage the emergency and will determine who is responsible for payment of any damage.

You may decide to keep a list of emergency contacts, including family and friends nearby.

Do I need to notify A2P if I am away from home?

If you will be away from home for more than two weeks, please advise A2P so we know you are safe and sound and your property has not been abandoned.

Please lock your windows and doors and ask a family member, friend or neighbour to check on the property for you regularly. Please ask someone to collect your mail or ask the post office to hold it for you for the time you are away.

Am I able to have Visitors?

A visitor is defined as a person who has their own residential address (separate from the address that they are currently visiting), and who intends to return to reside in that property.

If you have a visitor in your home longer than 6 weeks consecutively, they will be considered residents of your home (except under special circumstances) and you must declare their income.

You must also inform A2P that these people are residing with you in case there are over-occupancy issues.

Failure to inform A2P that someone is residing for more than 6 weeks may result in the termination of your tenancy.

Am I able to have Pets in my home?

You must request permission from A2P before you get a new pet.

Please inform A2P if you already have a pet at the time of transferring or moving in to an A2P property. If the size and type of pet does not conflict with Council regulations, and the pet is not likely to cause significant damage to the property, you will be permitted to have the pet.

Download Pet Agreement Application Form here.

Can I run a business from home?

If you would like to operate a business from your home, you must seek written approval from A2P.

Who is responsible for the Smoke Alarms?

Your Tenancy Officer will check your smoke alarms are working before you move in. If, during your tenancy, your smoke alarm is not working properly (and you have checked that it is not a battery issue), do not try and fix it yourself – contact your Tenancy Officer or the Maintenance Team.

Can I organise Pest Control?

If you wish to have your home treated, you can arrange to have a qualified pest control company treat your home at your cost.

What if there are Pests and Vermin on/in the property?

It is your responsibility to keep your home free of pests and other insects/animals that may be damaging to your health.

Please contact your local Council if you encounter a European Wasp nest.

Who is responsible for the maintenance of the Garden?

It is your responsibility to ensure your garden is kept neat and tidy. A2Pwill assist you with:
  • Treatment of extensive poisonous weeds and shrubs.
  • Removal or trees or shrubs which are a danger to you, your home or your sewerage system.

What if I damage the property?

Please notify A2P as soon as any damage occurs.

You are responsible for the cost of repairing any damage (other than fair wear and tear) caused by yourself, your household members or your guests. You may carry out the repairs yourself, find your own contractor or talk with your Tenancy Officer who will connect you to a known and trusted repairer. If you carry out any non-trade repairs, they must meet a required standard. If you are not sure of the standard required for any particular repair please ask A2P. You are responsible for your own safety whilst working on your property. Any repairs not completed to the required standard will have to be re-done and you will bear the cost.

Any trade repairs (structural, electrical, plumbing or gas fitting etc.) need to be undertaken by a licensed tradesperson. If you are not satisfied with the contractors’ quality of work or their behaviour whilst in your home, you are encouraged to report this to A2P.

What are my responsibilities regarding looking after the property?

Both yourself, and A2P are responsible for keeping your property in a good condition.

A2P will supply a maintenance service during office hours and out of office hours for emergencies only.

We ask you help to keep your property in good condition by completing the following:

  • Contact A2P if there are issues, such as roof and gutter leaks, dripping taps etc.
  • Keep gardens neat and tidy and remove rubbish.
  • Keep walls, floors, kitchen, laundry and bathroom surfaces clean and safe.
  • Do not flush sanitary items, fat, or oil down drains or toilets.
  • Check the hot water unit for leaks, (overflow pipes drop from time to time, this is normal).
  • Report Gas/Water leaks and Electrical faults as soon as you notice them.

Who will organise Maintenance of the property?

Please call 131 288 for Maintenance assistance.

Maintenance requests will be attended to in order of priority.

Please find listed below items which are considered emergency maintenance and will be attended to out of hours:

  • Building not safe/secure (if this is due to forced entry, report the incident to the Police and do not tidy up until the Police have completed their inspection and provided you with a Police Report Number).
  • No power to lights and socket outlets.
  • Electrical sparking or shorting (please turn power off at the mains board).
  • Fully blocked sewerage (overflowing toilet, drains).
  • Gas leak – if there is a smell of gas, turn off the supply at the meter or cylinder. Open all doors and windows and do not light cigarette or fire.  Once this is done, call your gas provider’s emergency services number.
  • Major structural damage.
  • Fire –evacuate immediately and call 0 0 0.
  • Flooding.
  • Live, bare electrical wires that may cause shock.
  • Burst pipe - turn water off at the mains, contact the maintenance team immediately (if the burst pipe is outside the boundary of the property e.g. on the footpath contact your local Council).
  • No hot water.
  • Storm damage.

Do I need Contents Insurance?

We strongly recommend you organise contents insurance cover for window breakage, loss of possessions and valuables.

Who is responsible for connecting the Electricity and Gas?

It is your responsibility to have the Electricity and Gas connected in your name. If you need assistance, please ask your Tenancy Officer.

Please Note: If your property is a new-build, you will need to tell your provider as they will need to install a new gas meter.

Some suppliers may charge a deposit fee, make sure you ask about this before you sign up with the provider.

There is an establishment/connection fee with most utilities, which you will need to pay. It will generally be added to your first bill. If you are on a concession, you may not have to pay for it or it may be reduced (please see the Applications for Concessions form).

Possible Service Providers

A G L: Ph: 131 245

T X U: Ph: 133 466

Origin: 132 461 (for new connections for new-build properties call 1300 132 480)  

Who is responsible for connecting the Water?

Your Water will already be connected. If you experience any issues, please contact A2P.

You must pay for your water usage but may be eligible for a discount. If there are reasons why you need to use a lot of water (e.g. medical reasons) you may be entitled to a further discount.

Are there any Water Restrictions?

Water restrictions apply to all SA Water customers supplied with water from the River Murray.

You will need to check with SA Water on 1300 650 950 for current water restrictions and for any rebates that you may be entitled to.

Who is responsible for connecting the Telephone?

You are responsible for connecting your Telephone. We suggest you find a service provider who meets your needs and budget. There is a once off connection fee and a monthly rental fee for your telephone.

What do I need to consider when moving out?

You must give A2P 14 days’ notice before you move out, unless otherwise agreed, by completing a Termination of Tenancy form.

A2P will be responsible for repairing any fair wear and tear (damage to the property which has resulted from age and appropriate use of the property). The property is to be left clean and tidy otherwise you will be charged for cleaning and rubbish removal.

You will be charged for any repairs which are not considered fair wear and tear.

Rent will be charged up to and including the last day of your tenancy, and up until you have handed back the keys. You must arrange a date to hand back your keys. If you vacate and do not return the keys a possession order on the property will be sought and you will be charged for lock replacement costs and rent up to receipt of the possession order.

You will need to arrange a date and time for a final inspection. You should attend the final inspection, so you can discuss the condition of the property with your Tenancy Officer and discuss any issues.