Meet Rebecca Duffy

    Rebecca Duffy sitting at desk

    In a regular series of staff profiles, today we introduce one of our Housing Admin Officers, Rebecca Duffy.

    Rebecca plays a key role at A2P, working with colleagues on new tenancies, tenant transfers, and vacating tenants. She works on a lot of the reporting required by partner agencies, and handles water invoices. She’s also a member of our Tenant Advisory Group, providing secretarial duties.

    If you’re a tenant, you may have spoken to Rebecca before. She assists with housing queries, basic funding queries relating to our properties, queries on water invoices and more.

    Rebecca says the best thing about working at A2P is “the people and mission”.

    “I love that we are able to provide specialised housing at an affordable price for those living with disability,” Rebecca says.

    “The best part is seeing the smiling face of someone who has been approved to move into a home. I like hearing down the track how they are making the home their own, and how the home has changed their life. My colleagues are fantastic and very skilled at what they do. We are a true team.”

    Stay tuned for future staff profiles, as we introduce you to more people at A2P.