Meet Saliya Hatangala

    Meet Saliya Hatangala

    In a regular series of staff profiles, today we introduce Senior finance officer, Saliya ‘Sal’ Hatangala.

    Sal is responsible for maintaining financial, accounting and payroll services at Access 2 Place. His workload includes preparing financial reports, monitoring operational systems, devising effective and efficient procedures and more.

    Tenants, their supports or families may occasionally chat to Sal when we have financial queries or vice versa.

    Sal says he really values what Access 2 Place does.

    “Assisting vulnerable people in our community to find a home is a special role,” he says. “Most importantly, we have collected a great team together to deliver that.”

    During the COVID-19 restrictions, Sal worked a couple of days from home, on rotation with others on the A2P team. He said he created a little work space for himself and made adjustments to ensure he could keep providing the same high level of service.

    “I still have internal and external meetings through Zoom and Microsoft Teams, but I miss the face to face staff meetings with everyone inside the boardroom,” he said.