Ayden & Putri’s Journey to Finding Their Ideal Home with Access 2 Place.

    At Access 2 Place, we are committed to helping individuals find homes that are not just spaces to live in but places where they can truly thrive.

    We recently received a heartwarming testimonial from Ayden & Putri, one of our new tenants, which beautifully encapsulates the positive impact of our work. Their journey to finding the perfect Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) home through Access 2 Place highlights our dedication to accessibility, convenience, and ongoing support.

    The Search and Discovery:

    Ayden and Putri’s journey began on the Housing Hub website, where they discovered our listing for an available SDA home. Intrigued by the potential of the property, they reached out to us, and our housing officer, Sonja Lal, promptly responded. This marked the beginning of a seamless and supportive experience.

    First Impressions and Decisions:

    Within a week of their initial inquiry, the tenant was invited for an inspection. The property, located conveniently close to a supermarket and with accessible transport options to the city, was more spacious than expected. With ample room and an accommodating bathroom design, it perfectly suited their wheelchair accessibility needs.

    Like all our housing officers at Access 2 Place, Sonja, played a pivotal role in ensuring a smooth transition into Ayden and Putri’s new home. Her helpful guidance, from addressing queries about the unit to offering custom housing solutions, has been instrumental. The tenant’s appreciation of Sonja’s efforts is a testament to her dedication and the overall ethos of Access 2 Place.

    The tenant’s testimonial ends on a note of optimism and excitement for future collaboration with Access 2 Place in 2024.

    It’s stories like these that drive us to continue our mission of providing accessible, comfortable, and suitable housing solutions.