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    Access 2 Place Housing partners with the building industry to create accessible homes with a difference.

    Disability housing often means living in a shared house with strangers.  A room within a facility. It can mean sharing a home with carers, and their office. It’s the house which the rest of the neighbourhood knows as “the disability house”.

    But we are focussed on the creation of quality accessible housing and the separation of housing provider from disability support services. In many instances our housing can contribute to a better quality of life for our tenants.

    Some Access 2 Place housing is former SA Housing stock, which means we also take part in refurbishment and maintenance of older homes, and strive for those same principles of accessible housing where ever possible.

    If you’d like to discuss building initiatives with Access 2 Place, please contact us via the below Email Us form or call us during business hours on 8274 6300.