How to apply

    Access 2 Place works hard to find accommodation that meets your unique needs. To make this a reality, our application process enables us to identify if we can assist you. This process can take some time, so we’ve outlined the steps below to help you understand how to proceed.  

    Step 1: Check Eligibility

    Our eligibility policy and further information can be found on our eligibility page. Once you have established that you are eligible, you can submit the Initial Enquiry form to notify us of your interest. We will then supply you with a Registration Pack in order for you to complete Step 2 below.

    Step 2: Collate Relevant Documents

    Below is the list of documents provided in the registration pack:

    • Registration of Interest Form
    • Housing Needs Assessment Report
    • Access 2 Place Client Risk Assessment Form
    • Housing SA Metropolitan Area Map

    Along with the (fully completed) documents above, the following must also be provided:

    • Photo ID/birth certificate
    • A detailed letter from a support agency or similar health professional outlining the disability and care required
    • Proof of income – current Centrelink statement or previous three Centrelink statements if you have additional fortnightly income.

    Step 3: Complete Registration of Interest Form

    It is important that attention is given to particular areas of the Registration of Interest Form. For example, the area numbers (refer to Housing SA Metro Map) you select can restrict your options. A housing provider must first have properties in the area you have selected for housing to be an option and they must also then wait for vacancies in that specific area. If your circumstances permit, it may be worth broadening your area preference for a greater chance at being offered housing.

    Another question in the Registration of Interest Form asks if you would like your registration visible to other Community Housing Providers. If you select “Yes”, your registration will be visible to other providers and your chances of being offered a property may be increased.

    We recommend you pay close attention to completing the registration documents. All sections must be completed, and more information is always better.

    If incomplete documentation is returned to us, it will delay the registration process. We are unable to proceed with registration onto the Community Housing Customer Register until we have all of the listed documents returned and all paperwork completed fully.

    It may be that we request further information from you, which is important to ensure any future housing offers are best matched to your circumstances and preferences.

    We understand a lot of information is required and with your permission, we are happy to liaise with your relevant support networks to work through the process.