Celebrating Emma Brougham: A Finalist in the Community Housing Art Awards

    Last week we celebrated the creative diversity and abilities of tenants from 12 community housing providers at the launch of the biennial Community Housing Art Awards South Australia (CHARTS). Access 2 Place was proudly represented by tenant Emma Brougham who was shortlisted as a finalist with her work ‘Tree of Life’. Emma attended the awards night alongside her mother, Patricia.

    Emma’s masterpiece is more than just an artwork; it’s a symbol of connection, protection, strength, and history. Crafted with care, this beautiful piece is made from clay and glaze, and it serves as a powerful representation of life itself.

    Her artist statement reads: Trees weather the storms and draw on their roots, in the same way we as humans can draw on our family, history and culture. Trees remind us to stand tall and proud, and to enjoy the view!

    Emma has put great care and detail into creating the individual leaves on the tree and even added a small bird nestled within the foliage, adding a touch life to the piece.

    Emma Brougham is more than just an artist; she is an outgoing individual with a diverse range of interests. Among these, her love for visual arts, particularly pottery, shines through in her creations. Through her art, Emma finds a medium to express herself, allowing her unique perspective to be seen and appreciated by the world.

    We celebrate Emma and all the entries to CHARTS for their incredible contributions to the world of art and their communities.

    The brainchild of the South Australian community housing sector, this year’s CHARTS event attracted 130 entries across four categories: Framed/Hanging; 3D/Sculpture; Photography, Digital and Graphic;  and Poetry and Literature.

    Art enthusiasts are encouraged to visit the CHARTS exhibition at 154 Angas Street, Adelaide and vote in the People’s Choice Award, which will be awarded on the exhibition’s final day at The Mill on October 12, 2023.