Finalist for Excellence in Community Housing award

    We were thrilled to be a finalist for the 2023 Community Housing Industry Association South Australia (CHIA SA) Excellence Awards!  Our co-design approach to developing purpose-built housing for people with disability was recognised for its innovative impact on accessible and empowering housing solutions in the category Excellence in Community Housing.

    Co-designing a home for people with disability that meets their individual needs is at the heart of what we do at Access 2 Place Housing. Through this unique approach we strive to raise the bar on Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) housing.

    Our fundamental objective is to build homes for people. We do not simply want to build a house for someone to live in. We want to create a truly collaborative relationship, between the participant, their family, support team, building designer and builder that leads to a home someone will love and see themselves living in for a long time.

    Our focus is on delivering affordable homes, with special features, which allow a person with disability to live like everyone else and this achievement reflects our commitment to creating homes that truly meet the diverse needs of our community.