Finding Stability and Community with Access 2 Place – A Tenant Success Story

    Jake Bilsborow’s Journey with A2P

    Jake Bilsborow’s story is not only one of personal resilience; but also a testament to the foundational impact of what a secure and supportive home can provide. Facing potential homelessness after a life-changing accident in 2021, Jake found a new beginning through Access 2 Place.

    When Jake first contacted A2P, he was navigating the most challenging period of his life, grappling with the newfound realities of paralysis from the waist down and the daunting prospect of having no place to call home. A2P was able to step in at this critical juncture of his life, ensuring that Jake not only had a home suited to his needs but also a supportive community around him.

    Jake’s transformation has been remarkable. From the brink of homelessness to becoming an active member of Sturt’s wheelchair football team, his journey underscores the profound impact of having a safe and secure home where he is supported to live his best life.

    Jake says,

    “Access 2 Place has changed my life.  Not only by giving me comfortable, accessible housing but also are the most considerate staff.  Anything and everything I need is always taken care of by the amazing staff and the community is filled with brilliant and beautiful people.  Access 2 Place has given me a new lease on life with the welcoming of me into the community and taking care of all of my needs.  I can’t thank and recommend them enough.  Anne (A housing officer at A2P) has been always just a phone call away, doing whatever possible to make my transition from rehabilitation into normal life as easy as possible.  I doubt I would be the person I am today without the constant support Anne has provided.”

    Jake’s story was recently featured on 9 News, showcasing his road to recovery and subsequent achievements.