From Dreams to Reality – changing lives in Adelaide’s South

    We recently handed over keys to two groups of excited tenants in an inner-southern suburb of Adelaide as they moved into their brand spanking new homes.

    Their journey to a new home started in 2021 with dreams of a purpose-built home, a wish list of features and a building site.

    We first met the future tenants of one of the homes in Oaklands Park and their families in May 2021. Kim, Kate, Adam and Charlie were already living together and wanted to continue the small community they created in an environment that better met their individual needs.

    Another Charlie and his family were looking forward to a new lifestyle in a brand new purpose-built home that would support Charlie’s independence, while laying down their roots in a location close to friendship groups, carers and services.

    Access 2 Place was able to find a block of land for Charlie which quickly turned out to be a perfect match for both groups, starting the co-design for not one but two homes. Being involved in the design process ensured that the final design met and went beyond Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) requirements but also incorporated the specific features each family wanted to incorporate in their home.

    For Charlie this meant being able to have his own space where he would have enough room for his sports and movie paraphernalia while being able to comfortably move around the home in his wheelchair.

    Kim, Kate, Adam and Charlie would each have their own bedrooms with access to shared bathrooms while having shared indoor and outdoor living spaces to come together for meals, to watch tv and have enough room for their families to come over and spend time with them.

    Incorporating accessible features and the latest technology meant the homes are wheelchair accessible with wide halls and doorways and access ramps, while the kitchens have adjustable benchtops and temperature is controlled through zoned touch screens.

    But ultimately the collaboration process has resulted in the creation of two state-of-the art homes, providing these tenants with the security of an ongoing home that meets their needs, while giving them the opportunity to live as a family, offering independence and maintaining dignity.  

    “We have thoroughly enjoyed being part of, and watching the creation of Charlie’s forever home,” said Charlie and his family in a thank you note to Access 2 Place. “We’ve loved collaborating with the whole team seeing this all materialise.”

    “Our family can’t wait to put down roots at this home, enjoy our quality time together, utilising the awesome facilities and most of all the security a long term housing situation provides us.”