How To Register For A2P Vacancy and Community Housing

    Follow the below steps to register for community housing & an A2P vacancy.

    Step One

    Complete Initial Inquiry Form

    Please complete our Initial Inquiry Form. Once complete, we will contact you regarding the next stage of your registration.

    Step Two

    Complete The Community Housing Registration Pack

    We will send you a registration pack (if required) via email or post. You cannot download a registration pack electronically.

    As part of your registration, you will be asked to provide information as per below.

    Registration of Interest Form
    Proof of Income
    Proof of Identity
    Housing Needs Assessment Form

    It is important to note when completing your registration pack you nominate all community housing providers and letting areas unless you have specific exclusions.

    Once you complete step one & step two, you will have completed your registration for community housing.

    Please note; if you are already registered for community housing, you may not need to complete ‘Step Two – Complete The Community Housing Registration Pack’. Please just provide us with your Person Reference and/or Application Reference numbers so we can search your details on the Single Housing Register. Depending on what information is on the SHR, you may need to provide us with an update.

    Step Three

    Apply for a Vacancy

    Now that you are registered for community housing, you can apply for vacancies with Access 2 Place by visiting our current availabilities page. If you wish to apply for vacancies with other community housing providers, you can visit websites such as; Housing Hub, Go Nest and/or Housing SA as well as contact the community housing providers directly via phone, email or post.

    Step Four

    Complete A2P Application Pack

    If you registered your interest for an Access 2 Place vacancy, we will contact you to complete our application pack. Please note; you will need to ensure all documents in the registration pack, seen above in step two, are complete and up to date, and that any supporting documents are attached. We may require some or extra/other supporting documents to help us further assess your application. For example, please see below.

    OT Report
    Behavioral Support Plan
    Support Letter
    NDIS Plan

    Step Five

    Applications are Reviewed

    All completed applications will be reviewed and all applicants will be contacted.

    Other Information

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Please see our FAQ below or visit our FAQ page.

    What is your eligibility criteria?

    Please see our eligibility page.

    Who needs to fill out my Housing Needs Assessment form?

    A housing provider or support worker completes this form for customers who have either:
    • an urgent or high need for public, Aboriginal or community housing
    • an urgent or high need for a public or Aboriginal housing transfer

    How long is your waiting list?

    Access 2 Place do not have an internal waiting list.

    Do you have emergency accommodation?

    Access 2 Place do not offer emergency accommodation.

    How much will my rent be?

    Your rent is calculated as either 25% of the household income + 100% of Commonwealth Rent Assistance (CRA) or 74.9% of the market rent.

    Do you find my supports?

    Access 2 Place are only your landlord. You have the right to invite whoever you wish into your home therefore you will be responsible for organising your own support provider.

    Do I need an NDIS plan?


    Who needs to fill out my Client Risk Assessment Form?

    A support worker. You or your guardian will need to sign this form giving consent for Access 2 Place to access this information.