Introducing DocuSign

    Welcome to DocuSign!

    We’re excited to introduce you to DocuSign, your new companion for signing documents quickly, securely, and effortlessly – all online!

    This new feature is here to make your life easier, starting in March 2024, as we transition to offering new lease & lease extensions through DocuSign.

    Why DocuSign?

    Gone are the days of scanning and posting paper documents! With DocuSign, everything is done electronically on your computer or mobile phone, speeding up the process and enhancing efficiency for us all.

    How It Works

    Need a Little Guidance?

    No worries! You can learn how to use DocuSign by clicking on the link below:

    What If Email Isn’t Your Thing?

    No email? No problem! One of our friendly housing officers would be delighted to assist you through the electronic signing process, step-by-step.

    Alternatively, if you prefer not to use email, we can send you a physical copy of the document.

    Not Tech-Savvy? No Problem!

    We understand that not everyone is comfortable with technology or may not have access to a computer or smartphone. If you have any hesitations about using DocuSign or if you need assistance, feel free to reach out to your housing officer or contact our office at 8274 6300. We’re here to help!

    Alternatively, you’re always welcome to receive your lease by mail.