Introducing the Community Housing Advisory Group (CHAG)

    We are thrilled to introduce you to our newly formed Community Housing Advisory Group (CHAG) at Access 2 Place (A2P).

    This committee brings together a diverse and knowledgeable group of individuals with expertise in housing accessibility, design, support coordination as well as two members representing our A2P tenant community.

    Members include A2P tenants Dr Naomi Blake and Nick Jenkins, McArthur Manager of Support Coordination Brad Gale, Julie Rogers – Director, Quality and Clinical Services at DHS Disability Services, Executive Manager Disability, Child & Youth Services of Community Living Options Muriel Kirkby, A2P Board Director Finbar Mills, A2P CEO Trent Lines and Emma Calabro A2P General Manager Disability Housing.

    Established as an advisory committee, CHAG provides lived experience, sector expertise and guidance to Access 2 Place (A2P) to help us make informed decisions that impact on all tenants. The committee will be meeting 4 times a year to discuss some key topics and had their first meeting last week.