Listening leads to action: The ‘Voice of Tenant’ Survey Results

    The ‘Voice of the Tenant’ Project

    Here at Access 2 Place, every decision we make, every service we provide, and every home we design is centered around one thing: Our Tenants. That’s why we embarked on an ambitious ‘Voice of the Tenant’ project with Point Heard to ensure your opinions don’t just count, they make a difference.

    Through in-depth interviews with twenty of our tenants, we embraced the power of active listening to better understand their experiences. Their feedback was overwhelmingly positive, with an impressive average experience score of 9.3 out of 10! Our tenants trust in us to deliver the best possible tenant arrangements shines through, with 90% of you scoring that trust highly.

    Feedback in Focus

    Our tenants experiences from the application process to daily community engagement have guided us in many ways. Here’s what we’ve learned:

    Turning Insights into Actions

    We’re committed to not only listening but acting. Based on our tenants’ feedback, we’re implementing several enhancements:

    What’s Next?

    Our tenants’ voices have been heard, and change is underway. Over the coming months, we’ll be rolling out these improvements whilst keeping everyone updated every step of the way.

    A Heartfelt Thank You

    This project’s success is because of you – our tenants. Your honesty, engagement, and constructive feedback are the cornerstones upon which we build a better, more inclusive community. As we implement these changes, we promise to keep your voice at the center of everything we do.

    Let’s continue the conversation. Because when you speak, Access 2 Place listens — and together, we grow.

    Survey Results Snapshot: