Meet Jo Cartledge

    Jo Cartledge is a Housing Consultant on our team, but recently she’s been spearheading an important project for us – the Tenant Wellbeing Project.

    The Tenant Wellbeing Project was developed as a response to the passing of Anne-Marie Smith, and from the awareness that people living with disability (our tenants) are one of the highest risk groups within society for experiencing harm or neglect because of potentially vulnerable circumstances.

    We are exploring new ways to recognise and connect with individuals that might be at a higher risk of harm. We plan to use tenant-led and strengths-based approaches to engage with those individuals in a friendly, understanding way to see how they are going and if they would like A2P’s support with anything. Stay tuned for updates on this important work.

    Outside of the Tenant Wellbeing Project, Jo’s substantive role with us is to carry out home inspections. This involves meeting tenants to see how they are managing to look after their home; if the home meets their needs and is in good condition; if there are any restrictive practices in place; and if they are happy in their environment.

    “I have worked in a variety of roles including the full range of supported and general housing management services,” Jo says.

    “I have managed maintenance and facilities contracts, property contracts, home health and safety, and have worked in the SA Government for a short while.

    “I love that A2P shares my values and that the team is truly committed to helping people living with disability live their lives as they choose within an inequitable world. A2P’s focus on the disability housing sector means they can lead the way and help more individuals to obtain their basic human rights.”

    Jo has worked within Community Housing for 20 years, moving to Adelaide from the UK in 2017.

    “Being relatively new to Australia, I love to take every opportunity to explore this beautiful country: learning about the land, the history and the unique people, plants and animals that have evolved here,” Jo says. “I am also a bit of a jigsaw fanatic.”