Meet Nathan Butler

    Nathan Butler is our Asset & Maintenance Co-ordinator at Access 2 Place Housing. He ensures all of our properties are well maintained for our wonderful tenants.

    Nathan has worked in property management for nine years, bouncing between tenancy-related and maintenance roles.

    Of course, home safety and accessibility is a key focus at Access 2 Place, and Nathan’s role is paramount to helping provide that.

    “We work to make sure that the property is safe for the tenant, which means we will install items such as grab rails,” Nathan said.

    “This is a very rewarding work place, with great staff – all with the same attitude around helping our tenants have the best life they can.

    “Luckily in SA, COVID-19 only slowed our maintenance jobs for a month or so, and then we caught up on jobs during May.

    “Our maintenance people can now wear masks, if needed, and also comply with each property’s own COVID action plan.”

    Remember that if you’re a tenant, you can submit a maintenance request online, or contact us directly for urgent issues.